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Main Research Areas

  • Transition metal catalysis

  • New catalytic transformations

  • Organic synthesis and synthetic methodology

  • Design of novel catalysts and mechanistic paths

시그니처 가로형_영문조합형.jpg

The research is funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea.

Catalysis occupies a privileged position at the heart of synthetic chemistry, providing invaluable solutions towards facile creation of new molecular structures, which constitute various essential chemicals and materials in our daily life. The power of catalysis can provide transformative and sustainable solutions to the current global challenges, such as novel pharmaceutical development, climate change, pollution, plastic waste, energy resources, etc. The first stepping stone to fundamentally address these challenges relies on the development and implementation of new and efficient catalytic reactions involving chemical-bond cleavages and formations. Accordingly, our research program aims to discover and develop innovative catalytic principles to address unmet synthetic challenges that enable the transformation of readily available resources to highly value-added products.​

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